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Rishi Marathu

Integra is a team of talented experts with experience on the world's largest and most complex transportation systems. With senior level experience covering finance, law, contracts, design, construction, operation and maintenance - we provide a comprehensive service.

With an excellent track record working within challenging environments, our aim is to share our knowledge and experience to ensure each project is managed expertly and efficiently for client confidence and maximum return on major infrastructure investment.

Rishi Marathu

Rishi Marathu

Associate Director (Systems engineering)


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Rishi has 24 years of engineering experience in engineering safety, RAM, project engineering and maintenance. 13 years of RAMS experience in national rail and mass transit systems. 11 years engineering experience in chemical/petrochemical process plants.

Rishi is an expert in the use of RAMS tools such as Fault tree+, Reliability/Availability Workbench, Availability workbench practitioner of EN50126/8/9, IEC 61508, BS5760 standards, Def Stan 0042 eSM. He is also experienced with American handbooks RIAC217, MiL 217, MIL882.

Following his early career in India his experience now includes London Underground Sub Surface Railway (SSR) Upgrade as RAM Manger Working on the Automatic Train Control (ATC) programme, the Network Rail West Anglian Electrification project, the Evergreen Line (Vancouver) as well as Tube Lines and Metronet Ltd part of London Underground.